At FAYMASA we did not want to be left behind in innovative technologies and in mid-2022 we decided to update ourselves in CAD/CAM machine programming software. Our decision was in favor of the hyperMILL solution proposal. There was an initial learning cost, where for a few months we overlapped the use of this new program with the one our technicians had been using for 20 years, but it was definitely worth it and below we will tell you its benefits as a summary.

  1. Intuitive user interface makes programming easy even for novice users, reducing learning time and increasing productivity.

  2. Wide range of advanced automation functions that simplify and speed up the CNC programming process.

  3. Cutting-edge milling algorithms that allow optimal results in terms of surface quality, machining times and tool life.

  4. Possibility of optimizing tool paths that guarantees greater efficiency in machining, reducing cycle times and minimizing wear.

  5. Accurate simulation through solutions that allow the machining process to be visualized and verified before sending it to the machine, thereby minimizing collisions, reducing the risk of costly damage to the machine and improving process safety.

  6. Support for a wide range of geometries, allowing even the most complex parts to be programmed with ease.

  7. Seamless integration with a variety of market-leading CAD systems, facilitating data transfer and collaboration between different design and manufacturing teams.

  8. Frequent software updates and reliable technical support, allowing users to always have access to the latest features and solutions to problems that may arise



In summary, hyperMILL offers us a combination of ease of use, advanced capabilities and reliable support, making it a fundamental instrument for FAYMASA, which has also allowed us to catch up in terms of CAD/CAM machine programming software with a wide range of industrial applications.


If you still haven’t heard of FAYMASA and are seeking how to turn your industrialization projects of precision machining into reality, don’t hesitate to contact us at your best convenience to find out how we can help you!