Faymasa will soon celebrate its 35th anniversary. This significant milestone represents over three decades of commitment, innovation, and growth in the engineering and industrial solutions sector. We want to share our excitement and gratitude with all our customers, employees, suppliers and other strategic partners who have been an integral part of this journey.

A 35-Year Journey

Since our founding in 1989, Faymasa has consistently evolved, adapting to market changes and adopting new technologies to deliver high-quality engineering and industrialization solutions. Our focus has always been on providing exceptional service and products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Innovation and Growth

Over the years, Faymasa has introduced numerous innovations in so demanding sectors as: capital goods, automotive, railway, handling, aeronautics or food industry. Our team of highly skilled product engineers and process technicians has worked tirelessly to develop and refine products and services that meet the changing needs of the industry. This commitment to innovation has allowed us to stay at the forefront and remain market leaders.

Our Values

Faymasa‘s success is built on our core values: quality, integrity, commitment, and excellence. These values have guided us from the very beginning and continue to be the foundation of everything we do. We firmly believe in the importance of building strong, lasting relationships with our customers and strategic partners, based on common trust and mutual collaboration.

Gratitude to Our Community

We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of the Faymasa family over these 35 years. To our customers, thank you for your loyalty and trust in our products and services. To our employees, thank you for your dedication, hard work, and passion that drive our company forward. And to our strategic partners, thank you for your constant support and collaboration.

Looking to the Future

As we celebrate this anniversary, we also look to the future with excitement and optimism. We are committed to continuing our trajectory of innovation and growth, always seeking new ways to improve and expand our services. Our goal is to remain a reference in the industry, offering cutting-edge engineering and industrialization solutions that drive our customers’ success.

The Celebration

We are proceeding to invite everyone to join us in celebrating this important anniversary. During this week, we are sharing more details about our celebration plans and how you can participate.


Faymasa‘s 35th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on our past, celebrate our achievements, and look forward to a promising future. We thank everyone who has been part of this journey and look forward to continuing to work together in the coming years.

Thank you for being part of our history and, who will be availabe, for joining us in this exciting celebration!