As part of FAYMASA‘s commitment to diversification and the permanent search for synergies that allow us to grow continuously, we are pleased to announce our incorporation into SPACE Aero España.
For us it is about much more than a common partnership: we see it as a fantastic opportunity to improve performance and competitiveness within the civil aviation and the aerospace  supply chain, thanks to its focus on progress and innovation  to lead the excellence in the Air Industry as the foundation of this association promotes the development of a strong supply chain based on a solid and efficient supplier network at all levels.


Founded in 2007 by leading European aeronautical companies, SPACE Aero España offers a wide range of services, from training to improvement projects and specialized tools. This association, financed by its members and backed by the guarantee of confidentiality, has three main headquarters (France, Spain and Germany) from where it provides top quality services at a European level.
SPACE Aero España‘s training program is worth highlighting, as it is designed to provide key actors in the supply chain with the necessary operational skills. In addition, it pursues key objectives such as standardizing knowledge, strengthening partner suppliers, mastering international terminology, and properly certifying its associates





We are excited to join this network of excellence and look forward to the benefits it will bring to our team and our company! As a reference, we are proud to mention some of the main clients of the Air Industry to whom we already deliver as a supplier: Aritex, M Torres, Actemium, Safran, Aciturri, Inespasa, Latesys, EADS-Airbus Group, Dedienne Aerospace, Serta, ITP Aero and Broetje Automation.


If you didn’t know FAYMASA yet and are seeking how to turn your industrialization projects in the Air Sector into reality, do not hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help you!