AFMEC | AFM visit with Palentine associates to FAYMASA

It has been four days since, with great satisfaction, we received an  AFMEC | AFM delegation together with a group of associated companies from Palencia in our FAYMASA premises. This meeting represented a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, as well as allowing us to delve into points of confluence and build bridges for a collaborative future.
At FAYMASA, we have always deeply valued the importance of cooperation and the exchange of experiences in the industrial field. The fact that the location chosen to hold the first annual board meeting of AFMEC | AFM was Palencia and being given the opportunity to organize a visit to our company honored us, it seemed like a magnificent initiative and the entire delegation was received with great enthusiasm and expectation. Now, as the days pass, we reflect on the richness of the experience and the potential it represents for everyone present and other members of AFMEC | AFM who were not able to participate on this occasion



During the board meeting, relevant topics to all associates were discussed, from common challenges to possible areas of cooperation. This exchange of perspectives was invaluable and laid the foundation for closer and fruitful collaboration.

Within the framework of a formal dinner once the board of directors ended, the conversations continued in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to the exchange of ideas. It was during these moments of camaraderie that the human bonds, so fundamental to any successful collaboration, were strengthened.

The improvisation of a night walk through Palencia after the dinner offered an awesome opportunity to appreciate the beauty of our city and continue delving into the topics discussed. This informal atmosphere encouraged a more personal and close exchange among attendees who were able to stay until the end of the event.



As we reflect on this experience, we are optimistic about the future relationship with other AFMEC | AFM partners and the association itself, convinced that together we will be able to significantly contribute to the development of our industrial sectors in order to achieve new levels of excellence wherever our goals converge.